YES! I’m live on wordpress!

The great Martin Luther King said, “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”, so, I’ve decided to join ‘the lets hear it crusade’. I know we’ve all got things and opinions about issues around us, we can only help ourselves to progress as a person and even a society by giving voice to our beliefs and views, it is only in that way that we can test the viability of our opinions and also arrive at a conclusion that is best and will be able to stand the test of time. I look forward to basically sharing my thoughts with you all and i’ll like you all to make this a worthwhile and fun adventure by not hesitating to submits your comments and thoughts on any of the issues raised.
Dreams matter, pursued dreams matter most, i’m patiently awaiting that time when every youth in this country will be able and free to pursue their dreams no matter how offside it appears. The time when our country will not be engulfed in atrocities and untold absurdities, impediments clogging the wheel of dream actualization. but until that day comes, we need to fortify ourselves against the fiery darts that fly our way everyday and choose to stay committed to our dreams and passion. we should thrive and succeed in spite of all these complications, after all we are Nigerians, a strong, resilient and thoroughly endowed people.
I have also been eternally locked in a blossoming romance with the arts, particularly the aspect of literature, so you can find me playing around with words and ideas poetry and short stories.

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