Graduate Musings

The race is not the swift
Neither the battle to the strong
It is not of him that willeth
Neither of him that runneth
It is not of him that proposes
Nay! Not of him that juxtaposes
Not of him that lay awake at nights
Feasting on the candle light
Nor of him with incredible might
It is not of him that runs relentlessly
Paying attention to every single detail
Not of meticulous study habits
Neither of diligence that dwarfs all equals
It is not of a focused, unflinching gaze
That distractions see and take to their heels
Neither of wisdom that balances it all
Not of strength in travelling through the terrain
Nor of courage to pull through from past failures
Not of healthy habits and well-planed meals
Not of stipends that answer petty everyday questions
Neither of riches that shame necessities and excesses
Not of friends, ever-faithful co-travellers
Soul mates through sour and sweet
It is not of parents and their untold sacrifices
I can chronicle it over and over again
Perhaps a thousand lines will suffice
But it is only of the Giver of life
The God of all Grace
The custodian of mercy, from whom all things flow
The lover of straying souls
The lifter of weary heads
The master planner,
The one who knows the end,
right from the beginning
and has the future clasped in his hands
The Alpha and the Omega
I give you Twale! Eledumare


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