Some flaunt flawless forms
Unscathed in their silky evenness
Banishing the sleeves, they bare it all
Numerous stares trail them as they walk

Their mini fairs reminds of the great days of yore
It sometimes evokes pangs of guilt,
capable of quenching eloquence
and sinking raised shoulders

In the face of such parades in the past,
I pull my sleeves to cover it all up;
The blotch, freckles and discoloration
My disqualification from the march

I no longer flinch from their immaculate aura,
I just hope they can keep it going
For it appears their lives depend on it
The very center without which they’ll fall apart

I let it all out; it hurts no more
No longer fresh and soggy; it’s healed
It is proof that there’s something grand ahead
That I’m a victor, a conqueror, an overcomer
That I’ve got everything it’s ever going to take

So, on my way, I reach for the heights
I’ve got no fright, I’ve shed the weights
I embrace the light on these spots of mine,
Experiences and lessons money cannot buy
Proudly, I parade my scars


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