this voice in my head

I’ve been on this road before,
I’m familiar with all the corners and contours
How it opens so wide at the entrance to
give more than enough room for your luggage
and whatever excesses you carry

I remember the slope that swallows up the initially
flat terrain, all to make your maiden cruise a sweet,
effortless descent.
But I also recollect that it forms a steep hill right at
that spot where the road begins to shrink. Your
baggage becomes an issue.

I know the polished faces with reassuring and
enchanting smiles. But I’m also quick to detect
a fuzziness to their rehearsed poise.

Indeed, this road appears to wear an apparel of
boundless bliss, the kind I wear so fittingly in my dreams.
But unlike in my dreams where I get to flaunt the
colorful floral patterns, I need an overall that can
only be loosed at specific junctions.

So, I’m just gonna let it stay there,
in my dreams.


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