The Praise that’ll never come

Sometimes I wonder what it will feel like
To be the Messi that makes men go crazy
The Ronaldo whose praises men and women sing
Or the game of football, never in want of patronage

I wish I have fans who will always come back
Generous with their cheers and applause
Folks who’ll stake their whole lives
On something they have no power over
Too bad I don’t have the extraordinary talents of
And neither am I sexy and skillful like Ronaldo
I can’t even boast of the spell-casting powers of
Nor of a killer derriere to push Kim K out of

Instead of wishing for the praise that’ll never come
I sought to earn the approval right from my inside
I too, I’ve got something that is worthy of
A seed that is bound to sprout and surpass the sky

To loosen my very own fists and extract a clap
however turned out to be a big big hurdle
The bar is set so high, you won’t want to jump
I’ve been scaling the heights tho and I don’t intend
to stop
I keep pushing day by day because I don’t want to
lose him;
My number one fan

I have grown into a relentless supporter of the
project called me
I root for myself like there is no one else in the
No doubts the applause of men gets to me
But it’s just a refreshing supplement at best

Not now or never will I sit, waiting to be spurred
No! I’m not a blues for life, Barca till I die or any of
I’d rather consider that seed sprouting in me
For such a great investment of energy, time,
passion and money

This one thing I am and I hope to remain;
A diehard fan of myself