Bugging Balls

bugging eyes
You couldn’t keep your hands off me
But now, I’m a bug
You scratch your head and gaze into empty space
As you try to call back to memory
From which of your adventures in the wild
I’d clung unto you
Yes, I must have clung tightly unto you like thorns
You probably didn’t want to deal with the pain back then
So you let me be

Everything happened so fast
You were not in control one bit
You suspect those dancing eyes of mine
Perfectly rounded like the head of a lollipop
Bulging, threatening to pop out of their sockets
They must have tricked you in, that’s the trap
You’re sure there’s something,
Something dark lurking in those giant balls
Sucking you in with voracious intensity

Anyways, you’re on your way out
Or are you on your way in?
Hurrying into another spell with open eyes?
That was how you lied to yourself
That you were finally free
From the stranglehold of the bosomy
And the fetters of the voluptuous
Yea, those were the ones before me
I wonder what in this new catch worked the magic
And how long it’ll be before it starts bugging you


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