#MaleCodeViolation: A Man Should Never Laugh Like That


How can you not like this gorgeous smile? The infectiousness is undeniable and it appears to be coming from a sincere heart.

But for reasons which I guess has something to do with some unwritten gender code of conduct that was agreed on several centuries before the birth of Jesus, the Gender Police have spoken and the verdict is crystal clear; a man should never smile like this.

No, haha, bros even if you happy pass happy, thou shall not smile in this way. There’s just way too much teeth, so it’s a no! no!!

The very first thing in that age-old code of conduct is that a man should be hesitant, be careful. A man shouldn’t give away too much of what is going on with him and it is clear that this smile has given way too much.

So, how do you achieve the perfect manly smile that won’t leave you being looked upon as an over-excited school girl? (yes, it’s girls and women that are allowed to be overly excited, a real man should have a firm grip on all things).

1. Try as much as possible to keep your teeth tucked in. Do not show a single tooth when you smile.

2. Stand firm, stay in one position, don’t be vibrating like someone overcome by a wave of orgasm.

If you can follow these two instructions, then you will be smiling like a real man who’s got everything under control.

But on another note you would have succeeded in keeping yourself under the control of the narrow minded Gender Police, who will not stop badgering you until you become this totally fake entity that even you cannot recognize.

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