Lessons from Charly Boy

I’m compelled to do a piece on the controversial maverick and entertainment personality Charly boy, i think this is partly due to the fact theeditorsjournal specifically asked for my views on him in a comment on my post about metrosexuals, “Is It Bye Mr. Macho?”. Another possible reason may be his recent antics in Sweden (not that i approve of it) but i won’t be covering that here. I can’t help but marvel at personalities like that of Charly Boy; i admire their willfulness and guts. I try to replicate their freethinking personas in my own little way while also shrugging off the unadulterated display of madness that often come with it.

charly boy

If i may ask you, what is the single factor that informs most of your decisions and daily choices? Do you do things to please? Or are you always looking forward to approval of people around you? If you are, you must have felt really bad and probably cried your eyes out on that day when not even a single soul noticed your beautiful hair, pretty dress or nice shoes. Here is a free lesson from the likes of Charly Boy which i will like to borrow the words of Chimamanda Adichie to express, “don’t turn pretense into an art form”, give us a glimpse into the real you.

You need not wait until you are a grandpa like Charly before you begin to live intentionally, i actually think old age will put a bitter taste to the fun unless of course you are Charly boy the second. Now, let me ask you, if people’s opinion and their prying eyes is not a factor, is there an awesomeness you will like to embrace and express? If yes, what is it?