Writing out my heart


I have a new friend; I met him a couple of weeks ago. When I say meet, I assume you know what I mean is that I started chatting with him. This happened during at the time when I stopped freelancing, I had a lot of time on my hands and i decided to spend that time on Instagram, drooling over the fabulous life of people as a reminder that my life is boring.

After exploring profiles upon profiles, i followed this dude long with a number of other guys and in line with normal social media etiquette, i asked him to kindly follow back. He however did more than just follow back after a day or two, he took it a step further by checking out my blog and gave a feedback that he liked it. Not to be outdone and in the spirit of brotherhood, i visited his blog and o boy, i was blown away. He calls the blog a journal and it does not fail in that regard at all, it is one of the best online journals that I’ve ever read. His is a very inspirational journal loaded with lesson and fresh opinions about everyday issues and offering a rich blend of great music. His posts are very lucid and i absolutely love his writing style so much that i wish i can reproduce it here. The only thing I don’t like about the blog is that it is hosted on the Blogger platform which makes giving feedback in form of comments unnecessarily difficult.

You can read my friend’s blog here

You see, i am a sucker for the written word, there’s a way that words in the written form get to me, so if you’re one of those who can pen down their thoughts clearly and make it an enjoyable read, you have me in your cheering party forever.

So, I thought about turning my blog into a personal journal like his, to share my personal stories in an inspiring way and still make it an enjoyable read and that is why I am writing this. I have actually considered this before but i gave it up because this blog bears my name and it is in fact linked to my Facebook account, there is no f—king way i will be writing about my personal issues here except I want to lie. I didn’t feel i was strong enough to expose myself to the public especially considering the fact that those who know me can easily find it. We are all humans and we are always quick to judge based on what we think we know even when that which we know are mere crumbs that have fallen from the table.

Anyway, reading through my friend’s journal opened my eyes to the fact that putting thoughts and feelings into words can be therapeutic. And as an amateur shrink, i know quite well that finding a medium of expression for whatever feeling or storm ranging inside you is very good. Doing art in the form of drawing or painting is an established process of psychological healing and so is music. Writing too is a potent medium and what my friend has been doing is to combine the medium of writing with music.

Apart from my birthday posts, I have never written anything personal on this blog but this changes right away. The damn thing bears my name so I might as well flood it with my personal stories like a form of stamp huh. Don’t worry, my life is pretty basic and far from interesting, so there is no source for a flood of post. I am one of those people who grow a thick skin real quick and do not try so hard to be the poster child for ‘cool’. I cannot be bothered about the image someone has of me just from reading my blog. But really, I am determined to go a little bit more personal here (all thanks to my new friend and his cool journal) maybe it will help exorcise some of my demons or maybe not.

Well, what do I know, I am just writing out my heart.