When a friend asked me few weeks ago over Facebook chat who my preferred candidate in the forthcoming August 9 governorship election in Osun state was, none was my sharp reply. Now that the poll is upon us, I’m afraid nothing has changed. Although i understood, again via Facebook that there are about ten candidates on the road to the government house in Abere, victory belongs either to the man seeking reelection and the one who has being in public office since 1999. I have read numerous campaign messages by zealous supporters drumming support for their chosen one on social media and i have also received text messages on my mobile phone but I’m still not impressed enough to want to pitch my tent with any of them.


I make bold to say that of these people parading themselves as the savior that will take us to the promised land, there is none worthy of the position. Common! Are these the best men that can lead us in this state? This is the same tight spot i found myself at the last general elections, i had to vote for house of assembly, House of Representatives and Senate members who had no concrete plans and were clearly heading to office for their fill. I lay all the blames at the feet of our political parties, they all lack reasonable structure, standing standards and clear-cut ideology, that is if like me you don’t count their stomach ideology as one. They are mere associations where deceits, chaos and selfishness reign supreme. This lack of solid foundation for our political parties makes it very hard for any credible person to climb up the ladders up to the point of being handpicked (their primary elections are laughable) as a candidate to be featured for any political position. It is a very sad situation but that is how it will continue until our parties are completely overhauled or …that brings me to INEC.

My hope lies with INEC and i hope they will give this matter a thought. What the hell is stopping INEC from including a vacant space on the ballot paper without the logo of any political party for patriotic citizens who would love to vote but think there is no candidate worthy of the post. I think INEC should consider this option before coming out to decry the apathy of citizens to their exercise. If you are with me say aye……….the ayes have it, gbam!