In Memory of Chibok


Our name is now on every tongue
But we were not celebs back then in Chibok
Some saw us deviants, for learning both
the white man’s language and his ways
when we should in fact be making babies
Our parents couldn’t convince them either and to them
our fathers were not just man enough over their homes
It does feel good to know people actually do care
Even if took boko haram to rouse such love

See where our quest has landed us
Sambisa, a forest of thorns and terror
A game reserve in those glorious days,
Now a hideout for insurgents who think
our passion for books is haram
Sambisa! a tale of neglect and maintenance woes
It reminds of carnival-like inaugurations
for projects that are always left to fall apart

Our sole desire now is liberty from this den
And though our heads warn of a cruel fate
similar to that of sambisa and many such projects
Our hearts faint not and await salvation
But in case our heads deny our hearts victory in this
Make heroes of them in our memories, please
Girls in the neighborhood of the Sahara
and many other scattered within the Lake Chad basin
Who defy the odds and shun disapproving stares
to join the voyage of discovery