Back and Hopefully Better


Back to blogging

It’s been like ages on this platform. Although I’ve tried to keep tabs with posts of my favorite bloggers, I haven’t posted anything in months. That however is changing right now, yes with this very post.

I started this blog to cut my writing tooth, sort of. But along the line I allowed myself to be drawn into conversations, considerations and cares that aren’t necessary at all.

I’ve decided to reclaim the blog. This blog is in my name and that’s what I’ll make it, a repertoire of my thoughts, concerns as well as the most random ‘nonsensical’ stuffs. Yeah, I’m holding nothing back this time.

If you’re wondering to what I owe my new found commitment, I’ll tell you. I recently resorted that I want to be a serious writer and I gathered that one key to that is to write as much as possible.

Writers write!!!!

The truth is during my absence, I often have post ideas dancing in my head and more than a couple of times I proceeded to put a sentence or two down. But you know how this things are, they ended up choked and drained of life by my over rationalizations and all. I won’t let that happen anymore.

I’m surely going to write stuffs that I won’t post here but don’t worry, I’ll make sure to provide the links.

So, let me get on with the writing…… See ya