When the Hero Visited

Hitherto, we sat wide-eyed
Gazing at glassed screens
In awe of his energy and sheen
Now he’s come to us
In flesh and blood
So with great energy and like a flood
We surged from all corners
Pressing tight to others and
pressed from every imaginable angle
No one is ready to carry this over
All for a glimpse we hustle on
Caution, courtesy, comfort and pride
Became luxuries not a soul can afford


A roar erupted from the front row
Our necks grew, the giraffe’s fashion
Paying no attention to our grumbling toes
His form we finally make out
Eyes hidden beneath black goggles
Shining silver dangling from his neck to match his steps
He was pretty good, awesomely swagalicious i’ll say
The aching in our joints is evidence of his captivating tempo
Hips swayed and twerked, hands were raised and rolled
While shoulders and chest collaboed* for scintillating moves
It was wild wild! No tamed soul in that crowd

When our adrenaline supplies were finally depleted
Our heads cooled, he bowed and approached the exit
Standing there staring at him in that instant
Without any glossy glass of a barrier
You can see beyond the dark shades, deeper
Blood runs in his veins

*pidgin English, same as collaborated