Not For Grabs!

not for grabs
Don’t patronize me,
my wares are tightly sealed
Your bargaining skills are useless
the key is beyond reach
Your eyes are fixed, your mouth is ajar
but these goodies are not for grabs
I guess you can look all you want
I’m aware it sends chills down your spine,
jerks the notorious pipe to life and makes it leap for joy

I need no personal clown,
Google and Facebook serve me well
You should probably borrow from them sometimes
I don’t need an acquaintance either
my mind is a lot to handle
No! Don’t come knocking at my door,
countless thoughts bang at it every hour
Dinner invites does no magic around here,
from my kitchen emerge the grandest cuisines
Pointless strolls along suya joints won’t just do,
beauty sleep is the language of the night

For the best dressed, am with Akanni,
can you even breathe in those?
I guess it’s cool; those yam-legs are covered today
Not being a fashion police, far from my passion
I don’t need to be rescued, not some trophy,
No! Not a conquest

I take the time to paint my face and dress to taste
Not that i like being stripped by your eyes
Looking good is my hobby, i won’t give it up because of you
It’s called a life and you should get one
Stop this superfluity of nothingness
I’m not just into you; you’ll probably find your type
That water from your pipe, my thirst cannot quench



For you our fathers fought
Loud in their ears rang your cheers
Bidding them to partake of your luscious fruits
Our mothers worked their fingers to bone
Your unbecoming price tag to detach

Parched and worn-out they emerged
Into the rich vastness of your bosom
All over them a wave blew
Calm and soothing, it was a first
How could they have survived without you?

Alas! It was not exactly like they dreamt
the dawn of reality broke and even
without shackles, trapped and bound they felt
Conditions and terms always apply
Lo, a greater quest was birthed

Who dare raises a fuss?
We all are make-believe gurus
The scripts are locked in our heads
The desire to deliver drives us hard
and to the yoke of expectations, we succumb

But, fantasies make our heads swell,
In our dreams we are free to roam
A pair of preying eyes deny us that much
Conformity is the rule of the game
Millions are masters at the game

Obey all the rules, blend with the trend
Defy the rules, face the music
It is for you our hearts ache
This longing in our soul only you can fill
Freedom land; when shall we gaze at your heavenly portals?

this voice in my head

I’ve been on this road before,
I’m familiar with all the corners and contours
How it opens so wide at the entrance to
give more than enough room for your luggage
and whatever excesses you carry

I remember the slope that swallows up the initially
flat terrain, all to make your maiden cruise a sweet,
effortless descent.
But I also recollect that it forms a steep hill right at
that spot where the road begins to shrink. Your
baggage becomes an issue.

I know the polished faces with reassuring and
enchanting smiles. But I’m also quick to detect
a fuzziness to their rehearsed poise.

Indeed, this road appears to wear an apparel of
boundless bliss, the kind I wear so fittingly in my dreams.
But unlike in my dreams where I get to flaunt the
colorful floral patterns, I need an overall that can
only be loosed at specific junctions.

So, I’m just gonna let it stay there,
in my dreams.